5 New MARVEL Series Headed to Disney+

It was a busy day for Disney fans! The Mouse House descended on the internet with an astonishingly stacked roster of new releases. We’ve been keeping up with all the Star Wars, Pixar, and Disney news as it hits, but this piece is all about Marvel TV. During the presentation, Kevin Feige revealed five new Marvel shows. From serious superhero adaptations to silly festive treats, there is plenty to get excited about here. So let’s break it down.

Armor Wars
5 New MARVEL Series Headed to Disney+_1


Based on the classic comics by Bob Layton, David Michelinie, and MD Bright, this is an unexpectedly awesome addition to the MCU roster. Don Cheadle will star as James Rhodes, who will likely be hunting down the nasty people misusing and abusing Stark tech.

Secret Invasion

Many fans thought this would be the next phase of the MCU but instead it’s going to Disney+. Adapting another iconic comics arc–this time by Brian Michael Bendis and Leinil Yu–this will see Sam Jackson back as Nick Fury. The story centers on Skrulls who’ve replaced famed heroes but the really interesting thing is that in the comics many of the heroes have been replaced for a while…


Another Bendis property that’s coming to our screens is the hero known as Ironheart. She’s a recent addition to the Marvel Universe and quickly became a fan fave. She’s another Iron Man legacy character and is a genius Black STEM student who makes her own Iron Man armor.

I Am Groot

Following in the footsteps of cute animated shorts like Ask Forky, this series will be a collection of animated shorts about the sweet plant creature from the Guardians of the Galaxy. We don’t know much else but it’s pretty clear this will be a cute fun addition to the Disney+ roster.

GOTG Holiday Special

Playing with some meta-Star Wars history here, Disney are. Guardians of the Galaxy will be starring in their very own live action holiday special. The episode will shoot alongside GOTG3 and Feige mentioned it was the company’s “first live action holiday special.” Justice for Lumpy! You bought it… you own it!

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