An N64 Version of the SUPER MARIO BROS. MOVIE Trailer Truly Takes Us Back

If you’re excited for the Super Mario Bros. Movie coming in April 2023, you’re not alone. If you’re in it for the nostalgia factor, you’ll definitely want to check out the recut trailer below. Super-fan and YouTuber King Bob Gaming recreated the movie’s second trailer shot for shot in the style of Super Mario 64. While we’re looking forward to the smooth visuals promised by the real movie, seeing it in clunky 3D is undeniably familiar to those of us who suffered through the dark days of mid-’90s gaming. Let’s just say the transition from 2D to 3D was not without its rough patches. Most notably, in the N64 version of the Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer below, the characters’ mouths don’t move. But somehow, that only seems to make Chris Pratt’s Mario voice work a bit better with the character.

If you’re not familiar with the Super Mario 64 version of Mario, Luigi, Peach, and the others, it’s never too late. You can play the game on Nintendo Switch, along with a few others from the good old Nintendo 64 days. Even the gorgeous Mushroom Kingdom and those adorable Toads are a bit off in blocky 3D. We came across this trailer thanks to It is a good reminder to be grateful that we’re getting an animated movie now rather than back in 1996. And we’ve all collectively agreed to block out the live-action one from 1993, right?

Mario, Peach, and Toad Nintendo 64 versions in a scene from the Super Mario Bros. movie trailer
King Bob Gaming

Super fans of Super Mario 64 may also want to snag the 25th anniversary LEGO set with the iconic yellow Question Mark Block. One lucky (and rich) person even found an unopened copy of the game that recently sold at auction for over a million dollars. Maybe they didn’t know they could play it on the Switch. Or get a free nostalgia boost from watching trailers like this one. 

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