This Is the D&D and MY LITTLE PONY Crossover We Need

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My Little Pony doesn’t often step into other fandoms unless a collector customizes their toys, but sometimes Hasbro makes exceptions. They announced the Ghostbusters collection in early July, and now there’s something else. Hasbro shared news about the next collection of My Little Pony mash-up characters on Thursday: it’s a Dungeons & Dragons crossover! That’s right: My Little Pony meets Dungeons & Dragons. What a gift. Cleverly called Cutie Marks & Dragons, this set pairs the beloved plastic horses from many of our childhoods with the classic roleplaying game for something special. And by something special, I mean something that could not be more tailored to my interests.

Look at how glorious they are.

My Little Pony Dungeons & Dragons pack


This D&D spin on My Little Pony comes with a set of five figures, and an iconic class from Dungeons & Dragons inspires each toy. The ponies come prepared for questing with removable outfits and various accessories. If someone doesn’t use these adventurous ponies to write a My Little Pony themed roleplaying adventure set in Equestria with D&D monsters, I will be incredibly disappointed. Especially since the set comes with an oversized d20 (with an iridescent pink hue) and a Dungeon Master’s screen featuring art by Leesha Hannigan.

My Little Pony Dungeon Monster's screen


The Dungeon Master’s screen explains more details about the adventurers, including their completely fabulous names. They are: Mystaria (a wizard), Shadow Star (a rogue), Valor Stronghoof (a barbarian), Spinner Talltail (a bard), and Woodheart the Kind (a druid). And of course, each pony has a unique look and backstory. We want to build an entire My Little Pony and D&D random name generator inspired by this crew.

My Little Pony Dungeons & Dragons packaging


The My Little Pony meets Dungeons & Dragons set is available for pre-order now. And you won’t have to wait long. It’s expected to ship on October 1, 2020. Start planning that epic campaign now (and please invite me to play).

Featured Image: Hasbro

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