GHOSTBUSTERS Meets MY LITTLE PONY in Crossover Collectible

Ghostbusters and  My Little Pony both have loyal fanbases. (To put it mildly.) And it’s their combined ardor that could make a new action figure especially popular. It combines both franchises into one bucking bronie ‘buster.

Meet Plasmane, the My Little Pony whose ready to strap on a proton pack and keep your book shelves clear of specters.

GHOSTBUSTERS Meets MY LITTLE PONY in Crossover Collectible_1Hasbro/Entertainment Earth

Hasbro‘s newest collectible (which we first heard about at combines two unlikely franchises into one strangely delightful toy. Here’s the action figure’s official description:

“When the city of Manehatten is overrun with ghosts, Plasmane ain’t no scaredy-pony. She saddles up in the Ecto-Wagon and gears up for an adventure. Fandoms collide with My Little Pony Crossover Collection—an expanded universe of My Little Pony mashup characters! Crossover Collection Plasmane toy combines the retro My Little Pony form with the design of Ghostbusters characters. Character has unique deco, colors, and Cutie Mark inspired by the iconic Ghostbusters team. This 4 1/2-inch figure comes in collectors’ packaging that’s great for fans of the My Little Pony or Ghostbusters brand to display. Turn the stories you know on their tails with the My Little Pony Crossover Collection.”

GHOSTBUSTERS Meets MY LITTLE PONY in Crossover Collectible_2Hasbro/Entertainment Earth

This toy appears to be the first in a new Crossover Collection of My Little Pony figures that will soon hit stores. But don’t expect to take any of them home soon. Plasmane is available for pre-order now at Entertainment Earth ($14.99). However, it shipping won’t happen until until January, 2021. And with the state of the world right now, it’s not impossible you might have to wait even longer to get yours.

That’s if you even can. With a collectible aimed at two loyal fanbases, this could prove to be a very popular toy. We know kids and Bronies  alike will want it. And so will people who feel good ‘bustin and buckin’.

Featured Image: Hasbro/Entertainment Earth

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