Hank Hill Sings Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ in Hilarious Cover

Vecna wasn’t just terrifying, he proved to be the Upside Down’s most fascinating monster. Yet somehow the citizens of Hawkins, Indiana were even scarier. Sadie Sink also stole the show with arguably the best scene in series history. And yet, despite its many great moments and performances, Stranger Things 4‘s lasting legacy might end up being that it introduced a whole new generation of fans to the music of Kate Bush. Her 1985 song “Running Up That Hill” is running up the music charts again. No surprise after it helped make Max’s moving escape from Vecna’s clutches pop culture perfection. But while you can’t improve on perfect, you can find other ways to make a deal with god. And that’s exactly what this absurd rendition of the popular Kate Bush song does with a Hank Hill twist.

Drunk Uncle band member and co-host the Pendejo Time podcast Jake sang Bush’s classic as King of the Hill‘s most dedicated propane and propane accessories salesman. While this premise could have easily fallen flat, it’s a master class in comedy. It begins with a gorgeous acoustic guitar cover of the song, which is just as important as his spot-on impression. The buildup to hearing Hank’s voice only adds to the humor when he finally sings, “And if I could…”

Even Jake’s break at the end is perfect, because this is too ridiculous to fully handle. That doesn’t mean it was easy to do, though. He said, “It is without a doubt one of the dumbest things I’ve ever spent like several hours trying to make work.” Obviously the effort was more than worth it.

Hank Hill with headphones and Kate Bush from her Running Up That Hill music video
Fox/Kate Bush Music

This is the second unlikely King of the Hill tribute to hit the internet just this week. Middle-earth met Texas in a terrific The Lord of the Rings mashup. All of which is great news for people who love paying tribute to our favorite artists. Every generation should know about both Kate Bush and Hank Hill.

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