MS. MARVEL, MOON KNIGHT, and SHE-HULK Coming to Disney+

The Disney+ MCU is expanding. Three new shows have been announced for the service, all based on beloved Marvel Comics properties. D23 Expo in Anaheim announced alll three new shows.

Ms. Marvel

First up is Ms. Marvel, from writer and comedian Bisha K. Ali, who will act as the series showrunner. Ali is currently a writer on the Hulu adaptation of Four Weddings and a Funeral. This will be the first superhero project that will feature a Muslim hero as the lead, as the series will focus on the Kamala Khan version of the character. And make no mistake, Kamala will be firmly in the MCU.  Kevin Feige says there are plans to get Kamala Khan into the movies after she premieres in her own series.

MS. MARVEL, MOON KNIGHT, and SHE-HULK Coming to Disney+_1

The name Ms. Marvel was the heroic name originally given to Carol Danvers when she first debuted in 1976. She held on to that identity for many years, only becoming Captain Marvel in 2012. When she finally earned her Captaincy, a new teenage character earned the Ms. moniker. Kamala Khan was a Pakistani American from Jersey City, New Jersey with shapeshifting powers that she inherited from her latent Inhuman DNA.

Moon Knight

Next, after many rumors, it seems Moon Knight is also coming to the Disney+ streaming service in his own series as well. Feige described it as an “action adventure series” about mercenary Marc Spector, who left for dead in the desert. He emerges as the vigilante named Moon Knight, but his sanity is called into question when he begins to exhibit multiple personalities.


And last but not least, She-Hulk will FINALLY join the MCU in her own series as well! The series will focus on lawyer Jennifer Walters. Much like her famous cousin Bruce Banner, Jennifer isn’t very friendly when she’s angry. But she does get very big and green. It appears this show will focus on Jennifer juggling being a lawyer and a superhero at the same time.

No word yet on when these shows will debut, but don’t expect any before 2021 at the earliest.

Images: Marvel Comics