MORBIUS Mid-Credits Scenes Explained

After more changed release dates than New Mutants, the next off-brand Marvel movie is here. And that’s really all there is to say about it. Jared Leto’s Morbius leads the cast—including standout fun-haver Matt Smith—through a CGI-filled routine until we get to the point of the movie: the two mid-credits sequences that Sony hopes will expand their non-MCU live-action Spider-Verse. If you haven’t seen the movie—or been on the internet—beware as spoilers abound.

Is the MCU’s Vulture in Morbius? Morbius’ First Mid-Credits Scene Explained
An image of Micheal Keaton as the Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming shows him seated on a table in a workshop
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One of the most talked about moments from the Morbius trailers was the appearance of Adrian Toomes (Micheal Keaton) a.k.a. the Vulture. There we saw the Spider-Man: Homecoming villain quipping “What’s up, doc?” to Morbius. Spoiler alert: That moment does not appear in the final cut of Morbius. But in the first of two mid-credits scenes we do see Toomes. He joins the Sony live-action Spider-Verse thanks to a tear in the sky. It looks vaguely similar to the multiversal chaos from Spider-Man: No Way Home, though with far worse effects. As the sky opens we see Toomes appear in a prison cell where he quips, “Hope the food is better in this joint.” We then watch a news reporter explaining who he is and that, because he just “appeared” in the prison, the legal system would have to let the notorious—in the MCU—bad guy free.

Morbius’ Second Mid-Credits Scene Teases the Sinister Six
Michael Keaton as the Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming
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Sony has been trying to make the Sinister Six happen for a long time. In fact, almost a decade ago in 2013 they announced a Sinister Six movie. Although the supervillain team was teased at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it never came to pass. Slowly but surely, though, Sony has once again been building towards bringing the Spider-Man baddies to life. The post-credits stinger from Spider-Man: Homecoming introduced Vulture to Mac Gargan a.k.a. the Scorpion. In the MCU’s No Way Home, viewers saw a collection of villains who were definitely inspired by the Sinister Six, even though they might not have been given that name. But with those baddies all sent back to their respective universes, Sony is trying to build its own. And it begins (again) with the second mid-credits sequence in Morbius, which is both baffling and simplistic.

After his murderous adventures stopping a less lethal murderous vampire than himself, Dr. Micheal Morbius drives into the desert. He’s there to meet the Vulture. Alas, Michael Keaton must have only shot enough for one scene, because Morbius comes face to face with a CGI Vulture suit. Morbius tells Vulture, “I’m listening.” Vulture tells him that he’s there because of Spider-Man—who doesn’t exist in the Leto-verse—and they should “team up to do some good.” Morbius replies, “Intriguing,” and the scene ends on Jared Leto’s serious face. It’s hardly the rip-roaring post-credits of superhero movies past. But it exists and teases something bigger.

What Does it All Mean?
The CGI vampire face of Jared Leto in Morbius.

Well, that all depends on how successful Morbius is. The two outrageous Tom Hardy Venom movies made a ton of money and launched the Sony-verse again. But without a Spider-Man it’s hard to imagine a Sinister Six. Toomes suggestion that they “do some good” matched with Morbius’ lackluster moral journey in the movie hints this wouldn’t be a supervillain team-up but instead would reimagine the crew as anti-heroes who save the day. That seems… hard to pull off. But all of this is hypothetical until Sony announces its plans. Still, with multiple other Spider-centric movies including Kraven and Madame Web in the works, this could be the start of something…

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