9 SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Easter Eggs You May Have Missed!

Spider-Man: Homecoming ruled the box office over the weekend, and it looks like Tom Holland‘s first solo Spidey movie is already a fan favorite. Now that Homecoming has finally arrived, it’s time to embrace our passion for Easter eggs! And believe us, there’s a lot to unpack, even when leaving out some of the more obvious references like the bank robbing Avengers. Today’s Nerdist News has narrowed it down to the nine most important Spider-Man: Homecoming Easter eggs that you may have missed.There are massive spoilers ahead for Homecoming! Not gonna lie, you’ll probably be upset if you ruin these surprises for yourself. So make sure that you see the movie before you finish reading this post or watching the video. This is your final warning!Assuming you’re still with us, it’s time to join senior editor and guest host  Daredevil Dan Casey, as he jumps to the end of the movie! No kidding! The first mid-credits scene not only sets up the Scorpion as a future MCU bad guy, it also appears to lay the groundwork for a Sinister Six showdown with Spidey. This is interesting because Sony has wanted to make a Sinister Six movie for a long time, having come close before. But it might be difficult this time if Sony wants to pretend that Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio can carry their own films in the Venomverse. Hopefully the success of Homecoming will lead Sony and Marvel to expand their collaboration.Perhaps one of the most intriguing Easter eggs is that Homecoming references the Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales, without calling him by name. Donald Glover appears in the movie as Aaron Davis, Miles’ uncle, and the man who inadvertently exposed Miles to a radioactive spider in the Ultimate Universe. This is definitely setting up Miles to appear somewhere down the line. But don’t worry Peter Parker fans. The two Spider-Men peacefully co-exist in the comics, and they can share the screen as well. If you’ve seen the film, then you know all about Michelle’s “MJ” moment. But you might have overlooked some subtle references to Mary Jane Watson, including the callback to the famous upside kiss from the first Spider-Man movie and the fact that the tigers are the mascots for Peter’s high school. Peter’s future crush, Betty Brandt, appeared a few times in the movie in the high school’s cheesy news program. But did you notice that her co-anchor was Jason Ionello? He was a supporting character in Kurt Busiek’s Untold Tales of Spider-Man from the ’90s, which retroactively inserted him into Peter’s history.One of the most famous scenes in the early years of Spider-Man featured the wall-crawler pinned under tons of wreckage and seemingly on the verge of giving up. It was immortalized on the cover of Amazing Spider-Man #33, and it was directly referenced in a scene late in this movie. As a double reference, that moment even gave us the half-Spider-Man and half-Peter Parker visual that the comics have used for over five decades! Even the unexpected touches, like the identity of the high school Principal and Spidey’s disastrous run through the suburbs, have their origins in the movies and comics that came before. There’s even an intriguing reference to Captain America’s new shield, while Spider-Man’s new suit represents more than just the next stage of his evolution. And no, it wasn’t the Iron Spider costume.What was your favorite Spider-Man: Homecoming Easter egg? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

Images: Sony Pictures/Marvel

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