MOANA 2’s First Trailer Begins a New Adventure on the Sea

In her big screen debut, Moana showed how far she’d go to help an ancient goddess. Now she’ll show how far she’ll go to unite all of her people. The first trailer for Walt Disney Animation’s Moana 2 brings back Auli‘i Cravalho’s young heroine for an all-new adventure on the sea, one that will bind her to her ancient ancestors even more. And once again she’ll have some help navigating both the waves and her enemies. Dwyane Johnson’s muscle-bound demigod Maui is coming back for another journey.

Disney’s teaser trailer for Moana 2 looks…uh…a lot like the first Moana. I haven’t seen the original in a couple of years, and if not for the fact Moana looks older here I wouldn’t know if the first 80% of this promo is simply reused footage from that movie. But like Maui, I know she didn’t bring a pig with her on the raft before, so we’re definitely getting a new tale this time around. What exactly is going on, though? Here’s the film’s official synopsis from Disney:

Moana 2 reunites Moana and Maui three years later for an expansive new voyage alongside a crew of unlikely seafarers. After receiving an unexpected call from her wayfinding ancestors, Moana must journey to the far seas of Oceania and into dangerous, long-lost waters for an adventure unlike anything she’s ever faced.

Moana holds two clubs over a stone altar in a dark cave with carvings in Moana 2
Walt Disney Animation Studios

Additionally, Moana 2‘s directors recently revealed, via Variety, “This story finds Moana and her crew in search of the lost island of Motufetu, which once connected the ocean, now hidden by a jealous God of Storms.” And added, “We begin our story with Moana, three years after the first film. She’s exploring the seas, searching for new islands, mapping the ocean, hoping to find other people. As the people of Motunui have not seen anyone for generations, Moana knows that the ocean connects us. But to whom? Where are they? She’s looking for proof that others are out there. She’s curious why she hasn’t found anyone.” Why, indeed.

Moana 2 also has some newcomers behind the scenes. The film comes from directors David Derrick Jr., Jason Hand, and Dana Ledoux Miller. Meanwhile, the original movie’s Mark Mancina and Opetaia Foa’i are back as songwriters and composers, but Lin-Manuel Miranda is not. Instead Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear will contribute songs to the movie.

Moana 2 will sail into theaters this fall on November 27, 2024, just in time for Thanksgiving. The live-action Moana will follow it onto big screens in 2026. That’s a long way to go for our favorite sea-faring voyager, but we know she’s up for it.

Originally published on May 29, 2024.

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