Matt Smith and James Corden Turn THE CROWN Into a Buddy-Cop Comedy

Terry Crews is no stranger to playing a cop on television from his work on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Matt Smith has most recently starred in Netflix’s The Crown as Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, Prince Philip. You might not think the two worlds of a police show and a historical drama about England’s longest-ruling monarch would blend well, but James Corden would beg to differ. On The Late Late Show, Corden decided to answer the question none of us thought to ask: what would it look like if there were a gritty cop drama about Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip fighting crime? He created what may be the most compelling police drama (okay, police drama parody) of the modern era: Lizzie & the Duke. Corden himself took on the role of Her Royal Highness, Smith reprised his role as Prince Philip, Crews played their tough-as-nails chief, and the results are nothing short of delightful.

While Prince Philip might be more of a rule-breaker on The Crown compared to Queen Elizabeth’s rule and tradition following ways, that’s definitely not the case in Lizzie & the Duke. Smith plays Philip as more of the “good cop” of the royal, crimefighting duo with Corden playing a goofy caricature of Queen Elizabeth who is most certainly the “bad cop”, especially when it comes to interrogating suspects–seriously, you should not request any sugar in your tea if cop-Queen Elizabeth is offering it to you.

Mashable first drew our attention to this hilarious skit, and to be honest, it kind of has us wanting a bit more. Smith and Corden have great chemistry together onscreen and adding in Terry Crews just makes the whole thing feel perfect. We can’t help but hope that Corden gives us more installments  in future episodes of The Late Late Show.

What did you think of Lizzie & the Duke? What other famous duos from history would you like to see team up in a cop show parody like this? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Feature Image: The Late Late Show with James Corden

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