Every Easter Egg From HAWKEYE Episode Two

Wow, it seems like only a few minutes ago you were reading our Hawkeye episode one Easter eggs piece! That’s because it probably was. Yes, our benevolent overlords at Disney+ bestowed two episodes of Hawkeye on us. So this is our second round up of Easter eggs for the debut! This time around there were some MCU nods and some comic book bits. There was even some meta-commentary on Hawkeye’s popularity or lack of it! So let’s jump in.

“Some people call me the world’s greatest archer!”
A still from Hawkeye episode two shows Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop and Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton Hawkeye in Kate Bishop's Apartment
Marvel Studios

As Kate geeks out and tries to impress her hero Clint, she drops this very cute line. Not only is it actually legitimately a fair estimation of her skills but it’s also a cool little comics nod. During his time as a circus performer, Clint created an act that he named “The World’s Greatest Marksman,” so this is a little wink at that piece of Hawkeye history.

Kate’s apartment looks familiar

While we got a glimpse at Kate’s cool NY digs in the first episode, we really get to see them here. And on closer examination it seems like her humble abode is heavily based on Clint’s apartment from the 2012 Aja and Fraction Hawkeye comics. Not only is it a cool NY loft style space but it’s filled with training bits and bobs for archery. It makes sense as a visual reference too, as Clint’s apt became a famed Marvel location during the series. But in the MCU Clint doesn’t live in NYC, so this way the show can nod to it by having Kate live there. Though probably R.I.P. to that apartment thanks to the Tracksuit Mafia and their molotov cocktails.

Whatever happened to Avengers Tower?

When Kate asks if the newly connected on the run heroes are headed to Avengers Tower, Hawkeye says a swift no. As he reminds Kate that Tony actually sold the Tower a few years ago. Sadly, he doesn’t confirm who Tony sold it to, but our favorite theory is, of course, that whoever Tony sold the building to was called Baxter. Why? Well, the Baxter Building is the name of the Fantastic Four’s headquarters. And we’re expecting Marvel’s First Family to arrive soon, so don’t be surprised if you hear the name Baxter come up soon.

The West Coast Avengers are coming!
The cover for West Coast Avengers shows Hawkeye surrounded by Marvel heroes
Marvel Comics

There are a bunch of hints at the West Coast Avengers in these first two episodes. But it’s when we are introduced to the apartment of Kate’s on screen aunt Moira Brandon that we really get confirmation they’re headed to the MCU. In the comics, Brandon is a famous actor—just like in the show—who donates her Rancho Palos Verdes estate to the heroes. Seeing as Brandon now exists in the MCU, we’re pretty sure that part of her story will come to life soon.

Hawkeye is the least popular Avenger in the MCU

While Kate lectures Clint on branding, there’s some fun metacommentary on his lack of popularity as an Avenger. Clint complains about not selling costumes and toys, and of course he’s talking about within the world of the MCU. But he could easily be talking about the real world too. Clint has always been one of the least well known and least popular heroes. And apparently this is reflected in his standing in the world he lives in too.

Grills!!! It’s good to see you, buddy
A double page spread from the 2012 Hawkeye comic shows Clint talking to his neighbour grills who keeps calling him Hawkguy
Marvel Comics

In an unexpected but very entertaining LARPing sequence, Clint goes to retrieve the Ronin costume from a fantasy battle reenactor. After agreeing to lose to him during trial by combat, the pair connect as they pack away their stuff. It’s here that the man introduces himself as Grills. Fans of the 2012 Hawkeye comic series will immediately recognize the name. In case you’ve yet to read it, here’s what you need to know: Grills is Clint’s neighbor and friend. While Clint doesn’t live in NYC in the MCU, we could still see Grills turn up again as an ally. Or maybe this was just a nice nod to the comics the show takes from so heavily.

Oh, that Detective Caudle

Another character from the Kate Bishop Hawkeye series pops up in this episode too. After Kate’s debut as Ronin, she gets a call from a police officer asking to meet her. He introduces himself as Detective Caudle, who was a cop that Kate met during her time in LA. Here, though, he’s a NYPD detective trying to work out what happened at the charity ball.

That locker tho…
A still from Avengers: Endgame shows Ronin wiping his sword
Marvel Comics

This is less of an Easter egg and more of a call out. As if Clint Barton put his Ronin costume in that world’s least secure locker!!! We’re mentioning it here because it seems likely that this bad decision will lead to Echo getting the Ronin costume sometime soon! It’s about time tbh.

A recognizable theme

The wonderful holiday score has been one of the many joys of Hawkeye so far! But as Kate heads to the Tracksuit Mafia hideout to save Hawkeye, we get a taste of Alan Silverstri’s iconic Avengers theme. It’s a nice nod to the past before her heroics are cut short.

Who’s that girl?
A panel from a Marvel Comic shows Echo an indigenous hero in the marvel comics universe
Marvel Comics

In a shocking twist, the episode ends with a big character reveal. While in the comics the Mafia is just your everyday organized crime group, here they have a new leader. It seems that in the MCU they’re working for Echo (Alaqua Cox), a.k.a. Maya Lopez. This is particularly interesting as Echo has deep connections to other New York heroes and villains like Daredevil and Kingpin. Here she’s hunting down Ronin, likely for his many, many murders. Seeing as Echo has her own show coming up soon you can expect big things from her. Interestingly, in the comics Echo was Ronin before Hawkeye. Potentially she could be hunting him down here for taking her costume/identity and going on a rampage…

Thanking those all important creators:

Here are the new names added to this week’s special thanks! You can check out the creation credits for the other thanked creators in our episode one Easter egg rundown.

Christos Gage: Co-Creator of Oddball II A.K.A. Orville

Mark Gruenwald: Co-creator of Oddball I and Bombshell

Don Hudson: Co-creator of Moira Brandon alongside Roy Thomas

Jack Kirby: Costume designer of Ant-Man

David Mack: Co-Creator of Echo alongside Joe Quesada

Jimmy Palmiotti: Co-Creator of Echo (?)

Mike Perkins: Co-Creator of Oddball II A.K.A. Orville

Annie Wu: Co-creator of Detective Caudle alongside Matt Fraction

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