Marvel Heroes Get Gingerbread Style Funko Pop! Figures

We realize it’s still the Dog Days of Summer. We’re still a couple of months from Halloween, much less the Christmas season. But we know some of you like to do all your holiday shopping early—especially when it comes to decorations. Well, the folks at Funko have got something special for all you Marvel Comics fans this year. And these Pop! vinyl figures look almost good enough to eat.

Revealed as a part of Funko’s Festival of Fun 2021, coming this year is a series of 10 gingerbread cookie-style Marvel Comics characters. We have some core Avengers in this series, as well as one very delicious-looking Mad Titan (too bad he’s actually not edible).

The Marvel Heroes gingerbread Funko Pops, wave one.


Among the first wave of gingerbread-style Pop! vinyl figures are Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, and Thanos. All sport festive versions of their original Marvel Comics incarnations. So sorry MCU fans, no live-action movie costumes this round. And as far as we know, these figures aren’t scented. But hey, you can always buy gingerbread scented spray during the holidays and just use that.

Marvel gingerbread style Funko Pop! vinyl figures.


A glittery Diamond Collection version of Thor will be a Hot Topic exclusive. The perfect Pop! for the God of Thunder. The Thanos Pop! figure is coming as a Funko Shop exclusive. Each of these Pop! figures has great details that fit the seasonal theme. Some of these include Spidey’s webbing being made of frosting, as well as Iron Man’s repulsor rays. And the Infinity Stones on Thanos’ gauntlet evoke rainbow sprinkles. Black Panther’s claws are very Christmas-y as well.

The Marvel Super Heroes gingerbread Pop! figures are already up for pre-order, via Amazon, Walmart, and Entertainment Earth. Each of these would make a great stocking stuffer, or just a perfect holiday decoration. And here’s hoping the Thanos figure doesn’t snap half of them away before the New Year.

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