MARIO & LUIGI: BROTHERSHIP Trailer Promises Adorable, Fraternal RPG

Nintendo sure does love putting the Mario Bros. on islands. It feels like that’s all they ever do! But at least they’re together. That continues in Mario & Luigi: Brothership, the latest entry in the franchise which the company announced during the Nintendo Direct. The below announcement trailer starts with Mario once again saving Luigi from any number of silly troubles before arriving on the island…that is also a ship.

The RPG takes the brothers to Shipshape Island, on which they travel the vast world of Concordia. Along the way, players and the brothers will meet new people and familiar faces like Peach and Bowser. They’ll need to use patented Bros. Moves in order to get by obstacles and solve puzzles, and just generally need to be adorable brothers to accomplish anything.

Mario & Luigi: Brothership will hit Nintendo Switch November 7, 2024.

Mario watches Luigi run from bees in the trailer for Mario & Luigi: Brotherhood.

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