MANDALORIAN Poster Points to a Yellow Lightsaber for Grogu

Forget just giving him a lightsaber in season three. A new poster suggests The Mandalorian will be giving Baby Yoda a yellow lightsaber. A color of that elegant weapon that has only appeared in one live-action Star Wars movie. Rey wielded one in the final moments of The Rise of Skywalker. And that hue’s history, along with Rey’s own connection to Luke Skywalker, could point to Grogu’s future.

A Poster For A More Civilized Age

The Mandalorian poster of Grogu Froce controlling floating pieces of a lightsaber next to a robed Luke Skywalker doing the same with a yellow kyber crystalShop Trends/Russell Walks

Shop Trends has a promotional poster (that we first saw at Inverse) for The Mandalorian. The 2021 San Diego Comic-Con 2021 exclusive, titled “Star Wars: Saga – Size Matters Not” from Russell Walks, shows the newest Padawan as he Force controls floating pieces of an unassembled lightsaber above his head. Next to Grogu stands his new Master, Luke Skywalker. Luke is controlling a yellow kyber crystal, the source of power for all lightsabers. It appears The Child is ready to craft his own weapon. Just like Padawns on The Clone Wars animated series.

The thought of Grogu getting a little lightsaber is exciting enough. But the fact it might be a yellow lightsaber is a big deal.

A Rare Color

Drawing of Luke Skywalker in an orange fly suit holding a yellow lightsaber over his headMarvel Comics

Kyber crystals play an important role in the galaxy far, far away. They have a connection with the Force and powered the Empire’s Death Star rays. Most important is that they power lightsabers. However, they have no intrinsic color; they are all clear at first. It’s the user and their connection with both the Force and the crystal itself that gives those important rocks their color.

Green and blue are most common for Light Side users. Red for Sith Lords. But other colors have appeared on screen in Star Wars. Ahsoka uses dual white sabers. Mace Windu wielded a purple one. But yellow lightsabers, despite having a long history in both official canon and Star Wars Legends (including when Luke used one for a short time after The Empire Strikes Back), have primarily appeared off-screen throughout the franchise.

If the two times they did show up are any indication of what a yellow lightsaber means for Grogu, fans worried about the little green tyke’s future will feel a whole lot better.

Guardians Old and New

Three Jedi temple guards in all white with double-bladed yellow lightsabers loom over Kanan Jarrus with his lightsaber sitting on the floorLucasfilm

Before Rey, the most famous appearance of yellow lightsabers came on Star Wars Rebels. Jedi Kanan Jarrus encountered a room of former Jedi Temple Guards inside an old Jedi Temple on Lothal. They were only projections of former Guards. (Though the identity of one was a huge surprise). But those projections looked as they did when they lived. Including how the members of the anonymous security force used double-bladed yellow lightsabers.

Jedi Temple Guards not only gave their lives over to the Jedi, they also gave their identities. They protected the galaxy without any of the fame and accolades of their famous counterparts, like Yoda or Obi-Wan. A yellow lightsaber not only a symbol of the Jedi, but of true sacrifice.

Their only on-screen appearance happened at the very end of the Skywalker saga. When Rey turned on her own yellow lightsaber. The new hope for the Jedi would protect peace in the galaxy far, far away with the same colored weapons of those former Guards. A fitting choice for the last Padawan Luke Skywalker ever trained. The same Master who took Grogu under his care in  The Mandalorian‘s season two finale.

Master Luke’s Living Legacy

Daisy Ridley looks at her yellow lightsaber in The Rise of SkywalkerLucasfilm

We know something terrible happens after Luke takes Grogu and before The Force Awakens. Ben Solo destroys the temple his uncle raised to train a new generation of Jedi. Kylo Ren kills most of fellow Padawans in the attack. Grogu might be one of his victims. But a yellow lightsaber might be a sign he won’t be.

Because of Yoda, we know Grogu can live to be 900 years old. If Luke wanted to ensure the Jedi Order would live on long after he was gone, Grogu would be the best bet to carry on the tradition. He would be the Jedo most likely to “guard” the Order’s existence. The same as Rey is destined to do soon, after Luke is gone.

Yellow lightsabers don’t have a long history on-screen in Star Wars. But a tiny young Padawan could seen make sure it does. As the galaxy far, far away’s littlest hero stands guard as a Jedi for a long time.

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