Engineers Built THE MANDALORIAN’s Fiery Gauntlet

If there’s one thing we’ve learned after watching eight bazillion YouTube videos from engineers, it’s that shooting stuff from wrist gadgets is awesome—even if it’s just a few spritzes of hand sanitizer. Now, YouTuber the Hacksmith has created yet another wicked wrist blaster: an IRL version of the Mandalorian’s flamethrower gauntlet.

The Hacksmith, a.k.a. James Hobson, recently uploaded the above video to his YouTube channel. The video is the first in a series Hobson and his crew are making in relation to The Mandalorian. It seems Hobson’s goal is to make all the critical pieces of Mando’s armor and weaponry; that includes the bounty hunter’s flame thrower, blaster, jet pack, grapple gun, spear, and, of course, helmet.

In the video, Hobson and his team show off how they built the flamethrower gauntlet. Shockingly, they use no Beskar iron whatsoever. Hobson notes toward the beginning that his team gleaned a lot about building gauntlets after making an IRL version of Iron Man’s. Which, while not only didactic, also looks like a legitimate Marvel-level movie prop.

Hobson et al. show how they build the tricky, form-fitting hand armor, using CAD designs, metal fabrication machines, and good ol’ fashioned Canadian muscle. As is plainly visible, this prototype of sorts does indeed throw mad flames. Certainly enough to make a Stormtrooper think twice, anyway. (Note: As cool as this  video is to watch, it is imperative that we fans do not try it at home.)

YouTuber, the Hacksmith, made a working, IRL version of the Mandalorian's flamethrower gauntlet.

Hacksmith Industries

Speaking of which, anybody who wants to see a compilation of Mando using his flamethrower on baddies should check out this brief video; because, like a Ron Swanson log fire, it is oddly soothing. And, for those who’re now simply in the mood for more Mando stuff in real life, you can’t beat a lone gunfighter from another galaxy on a skateboard.

Feature image: Lucasfilm

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