Macaulay Culkin Showed Off His Incredible HOME ALONE Mask

Let’s face it, no one should be flying to Paris right now for a family vacation. You should also forget about taking a trip to New York City. The safest thing any of us can do in 2020 is stay home. Alone. Just hunker down with an ice cream sundae and throw on your favorite old black and white movie. Of course, if you must go out, make sure you wear a face mask. They’re this year’s must-have accessory. They save lives, and they come in all sorts of styles. From ones that celebrate gaming culture, to others that rep pop culture monsters and killers, you can find one that really suits you. However, you won’t find one that suits you as well as Macaulay Culkin’s custom mask. Not even if you also get one that matches your actual face.

Because your covering won’t also be celebrating one of the most iconic moments in movie history, one you made famous, like his aftershave-scream face mask based on Home Alone.

On Twitter Culkin posted a fantastic photo of himself “staying Covid-safe” by “wearing by the flayed skin” of his younger self. The protective covering perfectly lines up with his face to recreate the look he made famous in 1990’s Christmas classic Home Alone.

It’s from one of the most famous shots in the film, which came at the end of a sequence of Kevin McCallister washing up in his empty house. He screamed after putting on his dad’s aftershave. (Which I promise is not fun the first time you do so.)

As far as personalized face masks go, it might be the best one we’ve seen yet.

Macaulay Culkin's Custom HOME ALONE Face Mask is a Scream_120th Century Fox

But really, any face covering that reminds people to wear theirs is a good one. So remember, like Culkin says, “Don’t forget to wear your masks, kids.” Unless maybe you’re home alone.

Featured Image: 20th Century Fox

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