Safely Head Out in Style With a Gamer Light-Up Face Mask

Like any other clothing item face masks come in many styles. Disney has their own line celebrating beloved characters and films. There are multiple Alien facehugger models for those looking to add even more horror to a pandemic. You can even get a custom one adorned with your own face. But now there’s one for those who want to stand out while highlighting how important it is to cover your face. A Japanese company is selling LED, gamer-inspired light-up face masks.

Spec Direct is taking pre-orders for its new LED illumin-ON Illumination Twinkling Mouth Cover (which we first heard about at Kotaku). The mask, charged via micro USB cable, shines in seven colors: red, green, blue, yellow, light blue, purple, and white. It also features “four flash patterns for those who want to be more prominent.” You know, in case walking around with lights on your face doesn’t stand out enough.

The masks, available in black or white, come with a small, easy to hide controller on the side for switching between the different lights and flash patterns. It takes 3.5 hours to charge, and one charge lasts for roughly 10.5 hours for a single color, or 7.5 for a flashing sequence.

Safely Head out in Style with a Gamer Light-Up Face Mask_1Spec Direct

Designed to fit any face, the mask has a nose wire to get a safe, snug fit. It also comes with rubber straps so you can adjust the length. And while it might sound bulky, the whole thing only weighs a little more than two ounces.

While technically this “mouth cover” is not a medically-approved face mask, it does have a place for a disposable filter. However, it can’t be washed due to its electronic components, so careful where you wear it.

You can order yours now for 2,970 yen, which is a little more than $28. Reserved items will start shipping this fall, after September 11. At which point you will be a walking billboard for the importance of wearing a face mask.

Safely Head out in Style with a Gamer Light-Up Face Mask_2Spec Direct

And that’s great. Any mask, no matter the style, that promotes wearing them is good, because despite the inspiration for these, fighting COVID is no game.

Featured Image: Spec Direct

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