Face Mask Line Depicts Beloved Movie Monsters and Villains

It’s easier than ever to live like an actual superhero— just wear a mask. You can save countless lives by covering your nose and mouth. But even though putting one on makes you a good guy that doesn’t mean you can’t still honor some of your favorite baddies. A new line of face masks pays tribute to terrifying monsters and villains.

And in a world dealing with a global pandemic they’re the good kind of scary.

Monster Masks Make Fighting COVID the Good Kind of Scary_1Glitch Good by Rob Sheridan/Threadless

Art director, graphic designer, writer, and photographer Rob Sheridan of Tacoma, Washington is the former creative director for Nine Inch Nails. The Grammy-nominated Sheridan also co-created the band’s alternate-reality game Year Zero. Now he’s the designer of a killer collection of monster face masks (which we first learned about at Laughing Squid). The protective coverings feature the unmistakable lower visages, or calling cards and logos, of some gnarly pop culture figures.

And while for obvious legal reasons they can’t be listed with their official IP names, it’s not hard to figure out that “Cannibal Killer” is Hannibal Lecter, or that the “Evil Clown”—both smiling and with teeth—is Pennywise from It. Some of our other favorites include “Space Creature” (a.k.a. the xenomorph from Alien), “Alien Hunter” (the Predator from Predator), and “Chatter Demon” (Pinhead from Hellraiser). And those are just a few from the collection.

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“The Hamill” also has a big fan in Batman: The Animated Series‘ Joker.

The “comfy, lightweight/breathable, vividly printed, machine-washable” masks ($12-20) are available in both kid and adult sizes, and are doing more good than just fighting COVID (and showing off their wearers’ love of all things horror). Sheridan is partnering with Threadless for a good cause.

Up to a $500,000 of proceeds from the masks will go to the non-profit humanitarian aid organization MedShare International. The charity helps deliver surplus medical supplies and equipment to needed areas around the globe. So these masks will keep others safe, help those in need, and celebrate your favorite monsters. There’s nothing scary about that.

Featured Image: Glitch Good by Rob Sheridan/Threadless

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