Joe Pesci Returns in New Commercial For Google’s HOME ALONE Commercials

Update: 02/01/2019! We were huge fans of Google Home’s ads where Macaulay Culkin recreated scenes from Home Alone, but the latest commercial from the campaign might be our favorite. They got one of the Wet Bandits, the legendary Joe Pesci, out of retirement to answer fans demands to bring him back for his own ad. And while he isn’t reprising his role as Harry, he is still making us laugh.


But not the perfect ending for the campaign. We’re going to need at least one more commercial to complete the series. “Hey Google, call Daniel Stern.”

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Kevin McCallister was — and always will be — a hero to every kid, because in 1990 he not only got to live the dream of having his house entirely to himself, but he also stood up to the bad guys and defended it on his own. Sure, he might have dabbled in attempted murder, but what child hasn’t? His task would have been a lot easier, though, if he had had some modern amenities at his disposal, and in a new series of ads Macaulay Culkin recreates some of his most famous scenes from Home Alone to show how a virtual assistant could simplify things for Kevin in 2018.

These recreations, which we learned about at LADbible, are clever promos (featuring some deep-cut references for die hard fans of the film) for Google Assistant Home. And while they perfectly capture the look of the McCallister home, they also come with the realities of what time does to all of us after nearly 30 years.

We can’t say we don’t feel a little robbed by their scream-free re-imagining of the aftershave scene, which is maybe the movie’s most iconic moment.
Our tastes have also changed we were kids. We want good macaroni and cheese.
We’re still more than okay with the same old ice cream and pizza though, even if we don’t pay for it the same way.
Google also shared a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the series, which includes side-by-side looks at the original film and the new commercials.
Whether or not this makes us want to go out and buy a Google Assistant isn’t clear, but we definitely want to rewatch Home Alone now. Like Macaulay Culkin, we might have grown up, but Kevin is still one of our heroes.

Featured Image: Google

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