M3GAN Trailer Shows the Murderous Side of a Child’s Android Companion

Every kid has a favorite toy at some point in their lives. Maybe it is a doll, a truck, a beeping bot or a beloved stuffed animal that they develop an attachment to for some reason. Often times, that inanimate object represents safety, comfort, and a friend when they feel lonely. But toys are certainly changing due to technology and becoming more interactive than ever. There are far too many lifelike robot companions in the world now and it’s highkey scary. They are indeed the perfect fodder for horror films, especially when they inevitably malfunction and begin to kill humans. That’s exactly what this doll does in M3GAN, an upcoming horror flick about a companion whose love for a little girl goes horribly wrong. The first trailer for M3GAN introduces us to its creepy titular character who sparks nightmares.

We meet sweet Cady, a girl who lost her parents in an accident. She’s under the care of her aunt Gemma—portrayed by Allison Williams of Get Out fame—who cannot keep a plant alive, much less a human. Instead of perhaps trying to lean on others who are parents for advice or doing anything to help herself understand how to parent, she decides to let technology do it for her.

You see, Gemma is a toy company roboticist and the creator of M3GAN, a prototype lifelike doll whose programming makes her a kid’s bestie and essentially affirm what adults say. M3GAN can study, learn, and bond herself to her little human so she can play with and protect them from any harm. What could possibly go wrong? M3GAN’s programming, that’s what. 

megan frowns at gemma in m3gan trailer
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As a co-worker tells Gemma, Cady and M3GAN become a little too emotionally wrapped up in each other. Sure, Cady is happy but there’s a price to pay. Like when M3GAN threatens and chases a boy until he falls down in front of an oncoming truck. And the android goes off the rails with Gemma too, no longer obeying her commands. The trailer for M3GAN ends like it should with death and chaos coming to light. It looks like Gemma should have kept this prototype in the lab. Good times. The moral of the story remains to never give a creepy doll to a kid.

M3GAN is produced by James Wan and Jason Blum. It hit theaters earlier than anticipated, on January 6, 2023.

Originally published on October 11, 2022.

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