Hydraulic Press Turns M&Ms and Skittles Into Donuts

I never could have imagined I would spend so much of my professional career thinking about a hydraulic press. And I definitely couldn’t have guessed I’d dedicate so much of my personal time to one either. But then the Hydraulic Press Channel on YouTube came into my life and changed everything. What I had always thought of as a highly dangerous machine I should stay far away from has been an endless source of entertainment. Needlessly crushing things is really fun. Especially when you can squish them to make something entirely new. Like this video showing a hydraulic press turning bags of M&Ms and Skittles into the world’s sweetest donuts.

Our favorite Finnish heavy-machine operators, the husband and wife duo of Lauri and Anni Vuohensilta, are back with another wonderfully ridiculous video. This time they used their hydraulic press to make some one-of-a-kind snacks. They pressed bags of candy into donut-shaped treats.

They used their new tool, the Donut-Maker 5 Million, to shape the sweets into their ringed shapes. Despite its funny name, Lauri said the contraption was actually pretty hard to make. But all that effort was worth it. even if it was really hard to actually get the donuts out. Neither easily separated from the press. They turned the entire device upside down so they could push the candy out. Those are some strong donuts.

A donut made entirely out of different colored crushed Skittles

Hydraulic Press Channel

The M&Ms one partially broke apart. Likely because they used too much candy. While the Skittles donut also got stuck, they managed to remove it intact. And the result is pretty incredible. Not only did the donut look like a colorful work of art, it was actually edible. I didn’t think that was possible. With so much pressure I expected that thing to make Jawbreakers look like gummy bears.

But the only thing that should have surprised me is that nothing can surprise me when it comes to a hydraulic press.

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