A Hydraulic Press Can Smash a Wrench Into a Knife

The internet is a wonderful place. It’s full of information, ways to keep in touch with long-lost friends and far-flung loved ones, and it’s also delightfully packed to the gills with some of the most mesmerizing, weird shit ever. One such example is  Lauri Vuohensilta’s YouTube channel where he crushes things with his hydraulic press. Surely you’ve seen at least one of the hydraulic press videos by now, but if not, you definitely need to check out his channel.

It’s hard to explain what makes these videos so captivating. Ultimately, Vuohensilta is just smashing a bunch of crap with a huge, industrial tool, but it feels like so much more than that, right? He’s smashed nearly everything you can think of in his press, be it food, other tools, or even a package from a fan. However, in his most recent video, Vuohensilta decided to try something a bit different, and used his press as a makeshift blacksmith’s forge to turn a wrench into a knife. Yep, we’re asking you to watch a video of a wrench smashed so hard that it becomes a knife — this is precisely what the internet was made for.

Whether or not you’ve seen a knife made in a more traditional fashion, you’ve got to admit that this impromptu fashion of blacksmithing is pretty impressive. Of course, you might think that a knife made from nothing but a smushed wrench wouldn’t be terribly sharp, but you’d definitely be wrong. To make sure he made a knife that was actually functional, Vuohensilta didn’t just smash the wrench and call it good. He took the time to cut off the top of the wrench, filed it down to shape it, and sharpened it — a lot. He even demonstrates the knife’s sharpness by cutting into some fruit and attempting to chop a small tree down.

Hopefully Vuohensilta uses his press to make some more unique items. While it’s not as inexplicably mesmerizing as watching him crunch stuff, it’s still pretty fun to watch.

What is your favorite video from the Hydraulic Press Channel?

Feature Image: Hydraulic Press Channel

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