Skittles Gummies Now in Stores, and We Have Your First Review

Last year Skittles announced an all-new version 0f the popular candy, Skittles Gummies, would be arriving in the spring of 2021. But you don’t have to wait for old man winter to give way to flowers and warmer weather; sunny days are here already. These first-of-their-kind treats are hitting Walmart stores starting today.

We were lucky enough to try an early batch. There’s nothing to worry about, Skittles enthusiasts. These gummies offer a very different texture, but all the same flavor you love. And even better? The best way to taste the rainbow is to shove a bunch in your mouth at once.

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Skittles’ new bite-sized, soft chewy candies aren’t waiting for spring. Walmart is the exclusive spot to buy them nationwide right now. They will arrive at all retailers beginning in May.

The new Skittles Gummies come in two variations. The first is based on the original lineup of flavors and come in that same signature red bag. It includes green apple, lemon, strawberry, orange, and grape. There’s also a gummy version of Skittles Wild Berry. It features melon berry, wild cherry, berry punch, strawberry, and raspberry. You can grab them in 5.8-ounce “Peg Bags” ($1.99 – $2.69), or 12-ounce “Sharing Size Stand Up Pouches” ($2.99 – $3.69).

Skittles gave us an early shot at both varieties to see if they live up to the promise. The Gummies are dime-sized, and roughly a quarter of an inch tall if you measure to the “S” logo. Much bigger than normal Skittles, but not that big. They are definitely softer than most similar candies. For example, if Life Saver Gummies are a five out of five on the chewiness scale, Skittles Gummies are a two. Despite their general softness, they still provide a highly satisfying chew when you eat more than one at a time.

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That’s also when these are at their best. With their size and chewiness, these candies are designed to be enjoyed by the fistful. However, you can only really appreciate the individual flavors when you eat them one at a time. If you have a favorite flavor, just grab a bunch at once.

I definitely preferred the Wild Berry style over the Original. They had more flavor, and that was especially noticeable when eating the pieces individually. (Less so when stuffing a whole bunch in my mouth at once. Both were just pleasantly “fruity” when eaten like that.) But I also prefer normal Wild Berry Skittles to the original variety. Considering how much each version tastes like the classic candy, you might find your preference for the Gummies matches your preference for normal Skittles.

A red bag of Skittles Gummies next to a purple bag of Skittles Gummies on the rightNerdist

They definitely don’t offer the same chewing experience as Skittles. These require less actual chewing than the crunchy candy, and yet they are “chewier.” (I know that sounds weird, but it will make total sense when you eat them.)

To any avowed lover of all things gummie, that’s the biggest appeal of these. I’m never going to turn down a bag of normal Skittles. But sometimes I’m going to prefer Skittles Gummies. They offer a very different, but equally enjoyable way to taste the rainbow.

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