This Luxury Boba Fett Watch Costs $120,000

While Boba Fett famously only had six and a half minutes of screen time in the original trilogy, now you can enjoy your favorite character 24 hours a day. Kross Studio’s newest luxury watch is Boba Fett-themed. It will set fans of the Fett back $120,000. Or at least 10 fans, as that’s how many of this wearable collectible exist. The Boba Fett watch features a tiny version of his starship on the face. The hour and minute hands are his jetpack and rocket, respectively. Even the band’s stitching is in the design of the character’s chest armor.

A luxury Boba Fett-themed watch retails for $120,000
Kross Studio

For the $120,000 price tag, you also get a watch stand that is actually a model of the ship the same size as the one used on-screen in The Empire Strikes Back. In fact, EFX Collectibles made them using the same mold as the screen-used model.

For those wondering, the ship is painted and weathered to look as it did in The Empire Strikes Back when Boba Fett leaves Cloud City with Han Solo in carbonite. Maybe if you look close enough, you’ll find some blaster marks from Chewbacca on the tiny replica.

The Boba Fett watch has a miniature ship, jetpack, and rocket as part of the design
Kross Studio

We learned about the watch from GameSpot. Each took 90 hours to create. According to the Kross Studio website, the watch itself consists of 220 parts and was assembled in Switzerland. Another eight pieces make up the tiny ship.

Kross previously made a Death Star watch, which retailed for $150,000. They also sell a $30,000 Batmobile desk clock. Like the Death Star version, the Boba Fett watch comes with multiple interchangeable straps. They include the aforementioned green with armor pattern, as well as black rubber and brown leather options.

We reached out to Kross for clarification about the translation of the lettering on the button. The Death Star watch says “Time Set” in Aurebesh. This watch cleverly uses the Mandalorian font, which is harder to find a canonical source for.

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