Lonely Island Is Dropping New Project on Netflix at Midnight

The summer of 2019 will mark The Lonely Island’s first ever tour—a long awaited phenomenon that will grace the good people of locales like New York, Philadelphia, D.C., Detroit, and Minneapolis with musical wonders like “Semicolon” and “The Creep.” (That’s right, I prefer the deeper cuts! I’m on a boat, shmime shmon a shmoat!) But even if you’re sadly unable to score tickets to one of the eight shows the trio will be playing throughout the back half of June, there’s still a bit of Lonely Island-relevant news for you to get pumped about.

Per a mysterious tweet posted by the group’s account, something (but what?!) is hitting Netflix at the stroke of midnight on May 23.

Given that this is a mighty mysterious message, fans of the Lonely Island are left to wonder what, exactly, the project might be. Our first guess is concert film, though the Lonely Island has yet to kick off its tour; their first show, which takes place at Bonnaroo, will take place on June 15 in Manchester, Tennessee. As such, we’re also tempted to wonder if the project might be something in the vein of the Saturday Night Live veterans’ long line of Digital Shorts.

These are safer guesses, of course. Let’s remember, these are the people responsible for Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, which, though not officially named as such by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences following its release in 2016, is all but officially considered one of the greatest feats of modern cinema.

It’s also worth noting that The Lonely Island’s own Akiva Schaffer teamed with Tim Robinson for another recent Netflix project, I Think You Should Leave. A feature-length follow-up to the inscrutable, disgusting, and altogether hilarious series would be a welcome arrival.

Whatever the group’s project is, we know it’ll be musical, and we know it’ll be funny. And hey, it drops at midnight, so it’s not like we have to wait that long anyhow.

Image: Universal

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