The Lonely Island Announce Their First Tour Ever

You know what’s wack? Despite years of begging from fans (:raises hand:), The Lonely Island have never toured. But this summer that’s finally going to change when the comedy-music trio hits the road for the first time. However, if you want to see them you better get on a boat and head to the East coast.

The band announced its long-awaited first tour ever on Twitter, which starts on June 15 in Manchester, Tennessee. (You can see all of the dates and venues below.). The tour will last for two whole weeks and will barely leave the Eastern time zone! Okay, that might not be what anyone from the western side of the country wants to hear, but it’s a start. Plus we all get to watch this promo video.

Just as exciting is the tour has been announced as “The Lonely Island With Special Guests.” That could mean some very big names join them on stage throughout the run. Many of the band’s best songs feature famous musicians, like “ I Just Had Sex” with Akon, “ Boombox” with Julian Casablancas, and “ Go Kindergarten” with Robyn. Then of course there are the three hit songs with Justin Timberlake, “ Dick in a Box,” “ Motherlover,” and “ 3-Way (The Golden Rule),” which also has Lady Gaga.

The band has also recorded numerous great tracks with Michael Bolton (“ Jack Sparrow” and “ Incredible Thoughts” from Popstar, where Justin Timberlake also makes a cameo) and Adam Levine (“ YOLO,” “ Iran So Far,” and “ I’m So Humble,” also from Popstar). Plus they have two great raps with Natalie Portman, the Shy Ronnie songs with Rihanna, and….you know what, there are just too many great possibilities for this tour.

Depending on who can perform with them on certain nights, every show could be totally unique with a vastly different set list. However, there are a few songs that feature just The Lonely Island that we hope to hear at every stop, like “Jizz in My Pants.”

We also can’t imagine them skipping “Spring Break Anthem.”

And for a deep track we’d love to hear “We Like Sportz,” even if it is basically the most anti-live show song imaginable.

What’s funny though is that if we could guarantee one surprise appearance at every show it wouldn’t be a famous musician, it would be Chris Parnell so they could perform the song that really introduced The Lonely Island’s songwriting skills to the world, “Lazy Sunday.”

Maybe that’s what been stopping them from touring all these years – they don’t like to work on Sunday.

Tickets for the tour go on sale March 1st, but you can register through TicketMaster now for “Verified Fan” presale, which will give you access to purchase tickets before they go on sale to the public.

Featured Image: Speakeasy Studios

June 15 – Manchester, TN (Bonnaroo)
June 18 – Washington, D.C. (The Anthem)
June 19 – Philadelphia, PA (The Met Philadelphia)
June 21 – New York, NY (TBA)
June 22 – Brooklyn, NY (Kings Theater)
June 24 – Boston, MA (Rockland Trust Bank Pavilion)
June 26 – Detroit, MI (Fox Theatre)
June 29 – Minneapolis, MN (The Armory)

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