The 12 Best Lonely Island Sketches, Scenes, and Songs

This summer, The Lonely Island will tour for the first time ever. Andy, Jorma, and Akiva would need to perform 14-hour-long shows to cover everything we want to hear (which probably won’t happen), but the news of them hitting the road is a perfect excuse to celebrate some of our favorite works of theirs.

(Note: Just assume every video is NSFW. This is The Lonely Island after all.)


The ‘Bu

The three childhood friends all joined Saturday Night Live in 2005 as writers, and Samberg as a part of the cast as well. Before then, they had been uploading their sketches and songs online, which led to them showing their work at the Channel 101 short film festival. This era is when they premiered their amazing Malibu-based parody of The O.C., “The ‘Bu.” It ran for eight episodes, but a certain squirrel makes the first episode our favorite.

Awesometown Theme Song

The group had multiple pilots that were not picked up by TV execs (who definitely have a lot of regrets now). That list included a sketch show for Fox called Awesometown. You can and should watch the entire episode online, but we’re especially fond of the ridiculous theme song that perfectly sets the tone for their sense of humor. 


“The Shooting AKA Dear Sister”

This entire list could just be our favorite Digital Shorts, including “ Lazy Sunday,” which was a literal overnight sensation. It introduced the group’s comedy musical chops to the world, and led to other classics like “ D*** in a Box,” “ I’m on a Boat,” and “ I Just Had Sex.” But since there are so many amazing options to choose from, we’re just picking three of our personal favorites, like their more famous, even more absurd The O.C. parody. 

“Threw It On the Ground”

I don’t know if the lyric “Happy birthday to the ground” from their anti-The Man spoof “Threw It on the Ground” is the funniest Lonely Island lyric ever, or the funniest lyric of all-time period. 

“Jack Sparrow”

Noted cinephile Michael Bolton is essentially a member of the band at this point, and rightfully so. “Jack Sparrow” is perfection. It would be a great song even without the amazing premise. 

So good, and yet we feel like we left off so many other amazing ones. That’s why every word in this sentence will bring you to another amazing Digital Short.


“I Like to Party”

The group’s first feature film, 2007’s Hot Rod, follows a terrible young stunt man trying to raise money for his stepfather’s heart surgery. It isn’t destined to be a cult classic because it already is. 

“Let’s Jump This Jump”

The best ending to a sports movie ever is either The Natural or Hot Rod, but for totally opposite reasons. 


“Sax Man”

While many of their songs were turned into Digital Shorts, some of the best can only be found on the band’s albums. The first here, which actually features Jack Black on vocals, is musical comedy perfection. 

“Dream Girl”

As far as we’re concerned this is the official Chex-Mix theme. 


The Lonely Island; hilarious. 

Oh, and make sure you also watch (to the end) the live performance of “Semicolon” they did with Alanis Morissette.


“I’m So Humble”

The band’s second film, the 2016 musical mockumentary Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, has deleted scenes funnier than most comedies. ( This got cut!) But the movie does feature two of the band’s best songs ever. 

“Incredible Thoughts”

Know what’s really funny? The Lonely Island is one of our favorite comedy teams, but we’d really be into their songs even if the lyrics weren’t funny. 

Any chance we can get them play a 14-hour shows on their tour?

Featured Image: Universal Pictures

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