London Metropolitan Orchestra Recorded a Beatles-Inspired FRIENDS Theme

This year marks 25 years since Friends premiered at NBC on September 22, 1994. No one told us life was gonna be this way (a.k.a. go by this fast), but countless memorable moments combined with endless reruns have assured “Pivot,” “How you doin?” and “ Meat Trifle” will be with us for many more decades. Also, it’s clear we will never escape the show’s famous theme song, which is destined to be stuck in our heads whether our job’s a joke, we’re broke, or our love life’s DOA.

To celebrate the show’s big anniversary, fans are paying tribute to that iconic song with all new takes, including a doleful version played in a minor key. But a quarter century of Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Ross, and Rachel (okay maybe not Ross) should be a happy occasion for viewers. And they’ll be happy with the London Metropolitan Orchestra’s version of The Rembrandt’s “I’ll be There For You” that also pays homage to another famous group, The Beatles, because it wasn’t just inspired by the band — it was recorded at Abbey Road.

This Beatles-esque orchestral version, which features 74 members of the London Metropolitan Orchestra, was produced and arranged by Giles Martin, son of The Fab Four’s own legendary producer Sir George Martin. It even used the famous “Mrs Mills” piano the band used.

In a statement, Martin said, “We feel privileged to be brought into the world of Friends and add a bit of fun to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series. Life throws different things at you, and much like Abbey Road, the legacy of which has lasted for generations, so has Friends. It further proves that although generations shift and age, things like Friends stay the same. You can go back to it and enjoy it the same way you always did.”

Fans who want to stream or download the song (which is legitimately fantastic) can find it on iTunes and other platforms. Or maybe we should say, “it will be there for you.”

Featured Image: Warner Bros.

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