PEACEMAKER’s Opening Credits Get a Rocking LEGO Version

We won’t know which TV show will end up being 2022’s best until the year is over. But the race for best opening credit’s ended before it even started. When James Gunn’s Peacemaker debuted on HBO Max in January it took that title with ease. His cast’s rip-roaring dance made the streaming site’s “skip” button insignificant. It also immediately—and rightfully—earned a place in the best opening television sequences ever. But just because we’ve watched it roughly 100,000 times already doesn’t mean we can’t find new ways to appreciate it. And that’s exactly what one YouTube channel has provided us.  Take a look at this LEGO animated version of Peacemaker‘s rocking intro.

Brick Cucumber asked “Do Ya Wanna Taste It,” with the “it” being a LEGO-fied version of Peacemaker‘s opening dance. And the answer is a full-throated Wig Wam thank you ma’am because we definitely do. It’s just as fun animated as it is live.

While we know John Cena and the rest of the cast had to rehearse their choreography, this video required a different type of work. Brick Cucumber wrote the whole thing “took multiple weeks to create, refine and perfect.” That involved using Mecabricks, an online Lego building software. With the actual animation done in Blender via Mecabricks’s free Blender add-on. And Brick Cucumber filled in the gaps with their own work, which included making all the textures.

The end shot of Peacemaker's opening credits sequence done entirely in LEGO animation
Brick Cucumber

All that hard work was clearly worth it. We’ve already personally committed to watching Peacemaker‘s opening credits sequence as many times as humanly possible. Now we can do that while also adding in a little variety. Of course, like Peacemaker himself knows, the work is never really over. If/when  season two of the show has an all-new intro we’re going to want to see its LEGO version too. We really do wanna taste every version we can.

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