James Gunn Shares PEACEMAKER’s Amazing Opening Credits

The Suicide Squad‘s peace-loving superhero/mass murderer is back. The Peacemaker spinoff series from James Gunn has arrived on HBO Max. And it arrived with an opening credits sequence that will definitely end up on our list of the best things we saw in 2022. Because when you get your entire cast to do a choreographed dance to a kickass song, then top the whole thing off with a bald eagle, you’ve found the perfect way to eliminate the skip button.

And the memorable opening is already so popular that Gunn and Warner Bros. have made it available to everyone.

You know you’ve struck opening credits gold when your sequence a) makes us want to rock out, b) watch it 5,000 times in a row, and, most importantly, c) makes us want to watch your show. All it took to accomplish all that was getting the entire cast in on the fun. It features Peacemaker‘s major players in a fully choreographed dance. Every single moment is a highlight. But we’re definitely partial to 63-year-old Robert Patrick’s moves.

The cast of Peacemaker and Eagly the eagle stand triumphantly at the end of the show's opening sequence

Gunn and the cast also took to social media to share some fun behind-the-scene insights into the opening credits. Like how Alan freaking Tudyk served as John Cena’s stand-in when Cena was shooting. And yes there’s footage.

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A lot more of these videos exist too. Hopefully Gunn will share them soon. We need to see all of them. All. Of. Them.

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Gunn also gave a shout out to those he thought really killed it. But a big part of what makes it so endearing is that everyone is working really hard no matter how good a dancer they are.

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Gunn also explained the origins of the sequence and how it came to life.

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But why go to all this trouble? In true Peacemaker fashion, Gunn wanted to kill a scourge of the streaming era.

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Mission more than accomplished. Even Amanda Waller would be proud.

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