LEGO Is Releasing a Globe Set That Actually Spins

Let’s be honest, adults love LEGO as much as kids do. Probably more. So much so, that the higher-end LEGO sets geared towards adults are some of the more popular ones out there. We’ve seen iconic landmarks and much more in LEGO form. And now Denmark’s most famous toy company is introducing a build that would look perfect on the mahogany desk of even the most serious grown-up.

Thanks to Gizmodo, we’ve learned about LEGO’s new spinning globe, the first large-scale build of its kind with this level of mobility. The set arrives in February 2022. You can check out the first images right here:

The new spinning globe LEGO set, along with packaging.

This new 2,585-piece globe contains our precious planet’s properly labeled continents and oceans on a 3D recreation. Each of the printed label tiles included with the globe all glow in the dark as well. All making this globe pop with a little extra cool factor. This set uses LEGO Technic pieces for the globe’s inner structure. They then wrapped them in an outer mosaic of lightweight flat tile pieces. This set defies the odds and makes a working sphere-shaped build. The globe comes with extra fun details to add, such as a ship sailing across the Pacific Ocean, and flags you can plant in different countries.

Close up of the LEGO globe.

Frech LEGO superfan Guillaume Roussel designed this globe build, thanks to the LEGO Ideas platform. It reached 10,000 votes in May 2020. And LEGO approved it for manufacturing in September of that year. In a statement, Roussel said, “When approaching the design, I asked myself ‘what could be creative, educational and touch most of the world?’ And the answer was just ‘the world itself’.”

Glow-in-the-dark details for the new LEGO spinning globe.

Part of the inspiration for this globe came from the legendary Jules Verne. The globe set will set you back $200. It officially becomes available for purchase on February 1.

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