New Massive STAR WARS AT-AT LEGO Set Has Equally Massive Price Tag

Even though you can’t put a price on your pure love of a fictional property, being a fan sure can get expensive. Especially when it comes to an epic franchise like Star Wars, which delivers some out-of-this-world collectibles. And few pieces of merch are as incredible as LEGO’s Ultimate Collector Series. So far, this collection has given fans a devastating Imperial Star Destroyer and a heroic Millennium Falcon LEGO set. Now, a new, battle-ready Star Wars LEGO AT-AT set joins their ranks. 

LEGO Star Wars AT-AT set and minifigures

This latest set clocks in at 6,785 pieces, which is no casual build. The AT-AT doesn’t quite reach the heights of the Millennium Falcon set, but it sure gets close. At 7,500 pieces the Millennium Falcon actually clocks in at one of the biggest sets LEGO has ever released, period. But, we suppose it’s fitting that the side of good gets to be just a little more epic than evil. 

Still, this AT-AT set is a work of art. It comes with rotating canons and a bomb-drop hatch, in case you want to play on the dark side. And it also includes two speeder bikes which can fit inside the transport. According to LEGO, the interior of the AT-AT measures 24.5 inches. That’s enough room for 40 minifigures and four speeder bikes. Let it never be said the Empire didn’t know how to travel in style.

Star Wars LEGO AT-AT Interior
Star Wars LEGO AT-AT Luke minifigure

Speaking of minifigures, the set comes with nine of them. These include General Veers, Luke Skywalker (complete with cable), a Snowtrooper Commander, four snowtroopers, and two AT-AT drivers. Enough to play out a whole scene if you’d like to. You can even re-create the famous scene from “that really old movie” ( as Peter Parker might say), Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The LEGO AT-AT has movable, poseable legs.

But, nothing good ever does come easy. An epic build often comes with an epic price tag. And, alas, this LEGO AT-AT set follows that pattern. This set will set you back $799.99. And while that number is atmospheric, the AT-AT set is basically a work of art. If this new Star Wars LEGO creation tickles your fancy, you can purchase this AT-AT model starting November 26.

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