This Video from Matterhorn’s Summit Might Make You Barf

Heights never bothered me until I saw that movie with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. You definitely know which one I’m talking about. It was 2015’s The Walk, where he played the daredevil who walked a tightrope between the World Trade Center towers. The shots from over his head looking straight down to the ground made me physically ill. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one, either, which is why I wanted to mention that before sharing this first person point-of-view video. If you’re like me, it might churn your stomach, because it shows a climber walking a tiny little sliver of rock atop the Matterhorn.

This 360-degree footage (which we first came across at Boing Boing) comes from one of Europe’s most famous mountains, the Matterhorn. It stands 4,478 meters high (14,691 feet) in the Alps, bordering Switzerland and Italy. The mountain is also famous for its distinctive look. Thanks to its symmetrical shape and pointed peak the Matterhorn resembles a sharp tooth.

And you know what shape you would not want to be on top of? A pointy triangle. If you thought you might, chances are you won’t after watching this video of 31-year-old Tim Howell. It shows him walking along one of the Matterhorn’s highest points as he carefully—but not as carefully as I’d like!—balancing himself on a very narrow ridge. It’s the path that connects the Italian and Swiss sides.

Climber Walks Tiny Path From Atop the Matterhorn_1SWNS

Of course, the payoff for a daring hike like this is obvious. It provides truly stunning, awe-inspiring visuals. And this small, snowy passage offers the climbers views of both countries. On his right you can see Cervin, Italy, and on his left he has a stunning panorama of Zematt, Switzerland.

Beautiful. So long as you are one of those people who can avoid getting vertigo and falling off the side of the Matterhorn or a tightrope. Which definitely does not include me.

Featured Image: SWNS

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