The First Cruise Ship Roller Coaster Lets You Zip Over the Sea

Cruise ships are doing a lot to get people back on board again. The industry got hit hard by the pandemic, obviously, but some people are slowly (or not-so-slowly) returning to their vacation adventures. These large cities on the sea are coming up with new ways to thrill and entertain people every day. There are cruise ships with massive water slides, full casinos, and even tattoo parlors. But this one might take the cake. Carnival Mardi Gras has a roller coaster. That’s right, you can zip through the sky while sailing the seas. (Thank you Gizmodo for bringing this bizarreness to our attention.)

The new cruise ship was supposed to launch back in November 2020 but that didn’t happen for obvious reasons. It went through a series of delays; however, the Mardi Gras is in action. The ship’s coaster, the Bolt Ultimate Sea Coaster, is the first rollercoaster on a cruise ship.

And a video of it in action might make you feel seasick. It goes up to 40 MPH with heights reaching 187 feet. A winding roller coaster on a moving object. Yes it is moving slowly (sort of) but still.

The clip shows a line of people ready to take the extra thrill risk. The style of the car looks like a jetski or motorbike and the person in the front controls the speed. While many things are all-inclusive on a cruise ship, the Bolter Ultimate Sea Coaster does have an additional cost.

a woman rides on a motorbike car on a rollercoaster track on the Bolt Ultimate Sea Coaster

Attractions Magzine/ YouTube

The Carnival website doesn’t specify that cost, btw. But it’s probably not cheap considering the industry’s revenue loss. It’s not enough to make anyone scream or pass out but there’s certainly the thrill of seeing miles of water from an even higher viewpoint. There are also plans to add this attraction to the Carnival Celebration ship at some point in the future.

Does this make you want to hop on a cruise? Maybe. It’s a no for me but this coaster seems like a fun time. I might try it in 2025.

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