Impressive LEGO-Powered Sub Should Be Made into Real Set

Anybody who’s snapped together even a few LEGO sets in their time knows how immensely versatile the plastic bricks are. The pure, uncut imagination fuel that is LEGO (this post is not sponsored, it’s just written by a LEGO nerd) can be harnessed to make anything from AI-powered sorting machines to fan-made trailers to, of course, an epic ’89 Batmobile. And here, we have yet another example of what’s possible with LEGO: a working submarine. Which should totally be made into a retail set.

Video of Brick Experiment Channel’s LEGO Technic-powered submarine being built and tested. 

First of all, yes, this awesome little submarine is obviously not entirely made out of LEGO bricks. The RC sub, built by YouTuber, Brick Experiment Channel (BEC), required a lot of “other materials” to be executed properly, and it’s most likely true that no assemblage completely made up of LEGO would be airtight. Those who’ve tried to play with the Yellow Submarine set in the tub know that sad fact firsthand. Not that any grown adult would play with LEGO in the tub….

But if LEGO ever did come out with a real, working submarine set, it would most definitely be based on this build. While the Brick Experiment Channel doesn’t give much context as to why he created the submarine, the specs are all there and they are more than reasonable for an underwater RC toy. BEC’s creation can operate up to ten feet below the water’s surface, is powered by a 9-volt LEGO battery box and a pair of LEGO motors, and contains a ballast tank (a water-holding compartment in a ship that helps it to stay stable) made out of a marinade injector.

This LEGO-powered submarine should be made into a real, retail set.

The LEGO submarine’s ballast tank, which is made out of a marinade injector. 

In the video, BEC takes his LEGO-powered submarine to a lake and drops it in (happens around 9:13) to test its robustness. And it’s there that the sub really shines—except for the part where it’s nearly defeated by a ladder rung. To be fair though, the final version of the build has stuck to it a GoPro camera on a plastic arm, which actually looks a lot like an anglerfish’s long, head-mounted lure.

The submarine is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to crazy creations coming out of BEC’s “nerdy” mind though. He’s made many other amazing LEGO Technic-based creations, including a quadcopter and a press that can be used to squish doll heads. BEC even tests the possible temperature range LEGO bricks can endure in one of his videos, although it’s a bit unnecessary. We already know that LEGO apparently has like, +10,000,000 to cold resistance.

What do you think about this LEGO-powered submarine? Do you think it could ever be made into a real, retail set, or is it destined to remain an impressive one-off build? Assemble your thoughts in the comments!

Header Image: Brick Experiment Channel

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