This Dog Grabbed a GoPro and Shot Her Own MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE

Although cats were the kings and queens of the early internet,  dogs have come to be their equals—perhaps even surpassing their feline pals in popularity! (Or “pup-ularity,” if you will.)

Canine content goes viral all the time, whether they’re performing CPR, or  re-creating The Office, or being cloned by Barbra Streisand. Of course, when a dog video makes it big, there’s usually a human filmmaker to thank. But not this time! There’s a video making the rounds of a dog taking a GoPro camera and shooting his own selfie adventure.

The video was first uploaded to Reddit by user carmenlightning; the clip shows a dog named Bonnie getting ahold of a ping-pong paddle with a GoPro mounted to it, and then running away with the camera facing him. Then the chase begins, with other dogs trying to get their paws on it, and even its human feigning interest for the sake of fun. It’s pretty funny to see Bonnie’s eyes dart around to assess the situation. It’s a neat little insight into a dog’s thought process.

Some reposts of this video suggest the dog stole the camera, but in various comments on Reddit, Bonnie’s owner wrote, “This is my dog Bonnie and she isn’t a thief. We gave her the camera on a ping-pong paddle. […] She just likes the chase and having something that the other slowpokes want. […] She brings so much joy to our lives, we just wanted to share some of it.”

Would you want to see a cat version of this video? Maybe a different animal? Let us know what you think down in the comments!

Featured image: carmenlightning/Reddit

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