LEGO-ize Yourself Thanks to New Minifigure Factory

Recently, we told you about how Hasbro is allowing fans to create action figures with their own likeness on them. Well, not to be outdone, the folks at LEGO are attempting something very similar, allowing fans to create customized Minifigures representing themselves. Because who hasn’t wanted a Minifigure that looks like them, hanging out with the Avengers? Well, thanks to the LEGO Minifigure Factory, now you can. And all for a very affordable price. You can check it out right here.

Using this new version of the Minifigure Factory, LEGO fans willl have the option to select different heads, hats and other headgear, torsos, legs, arms, and other accessories for your personalized figure. When it comes to doing the torso, fans can add a variety of decals to make it look like you’ve got a shirt with various different images on it. There are several jacket and vest options too.

Custom LEGO Minifugure Factory

And yes, LEGO will make sure that any custom shirt design is appropriate for all ages. (Nothing salacious or creepy here, folks. This is a family product). It will come with several options for accessories. These include a tennis racket, a pair of scissors, a rubber duckie, a pizza, and even a trident. (In case you really want to be Aquaman), And there are several more options too.

LEGO introduced a beta version in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand this past spring. But now, we’ve finally got one in North America. One of these completed Minifigures will only set you back $11.99. Although as of right now, you can only buy one per household. LEGO is referring to the new American version as a beta as well. Right now, the site randomly says “you may also find that the page is unavailable from time to time.” But we know that won’t stop LEGO fans from trying until they get one.

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