Check Out Jason Momoa’s Best Scooby-Doo Impersonation

One of the reasons we love Jason Momoa so much is that despite looking like a big ol’ badass biker dude, he frequently demonstrates that he’s often just a little kid at heart. While he’s doing the convention circuit to meet and greet all the Aqua-fans out there, it seems he can’t resist the chance to meet some of his favorites as well, and at Wizard World New Orleans, he encountered the 1998-2002 voice of Scooby-Doo and Shaggy, Scott Innes. Innes challenged the king of the seas to do a Scooby and Shaggy impersonation, which Momoa refused unless Innes agreed to do one first.Innes filmed the results:

Scooby and Shaggy have had many famous run-ins with Batman, so it’s about time they met up with this  Aquaman. Just because he talks to fish doesn’t mean he won’t talk to dogs too. And like Shaggy, he seems to have a hellacious appetite that never once ruins his figure. Perhaps the only issue with a team-up is that the inevitable mystery would be solved way too soon. After all, if Arthur Curry isn’t scared of a deep-sea kaiju that talks like Julie Andrews, what possibility is there that some mean old guy in a costume would make him even blink funny? After all, the closest thing he has encountered to that situation is Ben Affleck’s Batman, who mostly seemed to amuse him.Or maybe in the highly unlikely event this whole Aquaman thing doesn’t catch on, Momoa can be the official voice of Scooby next. (Hey, we said “highly unlikely.” Only a Sith deals in absolutes.)

Image: Warner Bros.


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