Type and Build Away on This LEGO-Compatible Keyboard

LEGO super fans see their favorite little plastic bricks everywhere. And often, they want to incorporate their favorite hobby into their everyday life in any way they can. So, why not on one’s own computer keyboard? Via Gizmodo, we’ve learned about a new LEGO-compatible keyboard that actually works with your very own LEGO bricks. Known as “the Pixel,” the keyboard comes from MelGeek. You can see several images of the super bricktastick keyboard right here:

The MelGeek Pixel keyboard,

This very one-of-a-kind keyboard has several LEGO-compatible studs as a part of it. This way, one can attach their own existing building blocks and Minifigures to it. MelGeek also studded the mechanical keys, allowing you to swap its 8-bit style keycaps or LEGO parts. The Pixel keyboard has RGB backlighting and both wired and wireless modes. Keyboard owners can take off the included set of keycaps and replace them all with custom LEGO creations of their own. This one is sure to catch the eye of everyone in your home or office.

It should be noted, however, that the Pixel keyboard isn’t an officially licensed LEGO product. This is because the LEGO patents on the design of its interlocking bricks expired way back in 1978. Since that time, several other companies have made compatible products without using any kind of official LEGO branding on them. Nevertheless, it is totally compatible with most official LEGO products you already own. 

LEGO inspired keyboard from MelGeek

As Emmet Brickowski from The LEGO Movie might say, everything is awesome indeed, from the sound of it. MelGeek’s Pixel isn’t on sale just yet, but you can lock in the keyboard at a substantially cheaper $199 price tag (it’ll cost $269 when it’s available) if you pay a small $1 dollar reservation fee. We don’t currently know when the Pixel will start shipping out.

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