Watch LEGO Builders Create a Massive STAR WARS Jedi Temple Diorama

We’ve seen some impressive Star Wars LEGO builds in our day, but we think this one just might top them all, at least in terms of sheer scale. A pair of friends and LEGO/Star Wars enthusiasts recently built a huge replica build of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, which featured prominently in the prequels. This build took nine days to create, and used over 50,000 pieces. Luckily, builders Lee Roberts and David Hall recorded the whole process, and uploaded a timelapse video to Hall’s YouTube channel. You can watch this amazing creation come together right here:

As both builders explain how this all came to be for Beyond the Brick, this diorama took nine days to build, with both men working nine-hour days together. This is a commitment worthy of true Jedi. If they were just LEGO Jedi Knights before, we say they’re LEGO Jedi Masters now! As big as the LEGO Jedi Temple is, they confirmed that it’s not exactly minifigure scale. Instead, it’s scaled to the micro LEGO figures. But they used minifigures anyway for display, just because it looks cooler.

The pièce de résistance is the interior though. It showcases Anakin Skywalker and the clone troopers’ attack during Order 66. The build largely reflects the version of those events seen in Revenge of the Sith. But also the flashbacks from Obi-Wan Kenobi too. There’s even a LEGO minifig of Youngling Reva. And we see the iconic moment with dark Anakin walking into the temple flanked by his troops as well.

The Order 66 attack on the Jedi Temple recreated in LEGO form.
Beyond the Brick

In a fun nod to The Clone Wars, they have a Cad Bane minifigure scaling the walls outside. This is a reference to the episode “Holocron Heist.” But our favorite detail is the room where Anakin kills the Jedi Younglings in Revenge of the Sith. As to not be too dark a LEGO build, they populated that room with minifigures of Jedi Jar-Jar, Grogu, a tall Yoda, and other random silliness. We appreciate this touch of whimsy. It is LEGO, after all.

LEGO builders Lee Roberts and David Hall stand before their massive Jedi Temple LEGO build.
Beyond the Brick

To see more of Lee Roberts’ LEGO work, head on over to his YouTube channel, Brick Builder Studios. And to see more of David Hall’s LEGO goodness, check out his channel at Solid Brix Studios.

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