Make Some Space on Your Shelf for Largest Godzilla Statue Yet

No matter how realistic and made to scale modern geek toys for adult collectors get, we’re never getting a life-size Godzilla figure. No one has shelf space or a rec room that can hold a figure that’s 984 feet tall. (At least not yet). But, they can still make some pretty huge toys based on the world’s premiere kaiju. And this latest collectible statue of the undisputed King of the Monsters puts all others to shame.

Prime 1 Studios Godzilla deluxe statue.
Prime 1 Studios

Prime 1 Studio is releasing a new, ginormous Godzilla statue, based on his most recent appearance in Godzilla vs. Kong. And you can see the first images of this incredible collectible from Prime 1 Studio right here. You can just hear that familiar roar looking at all of these images.

Scale comparison of Prime 1 Studios' Godzilla statues.
Prime 1 Studios

Standing over 34 inches tall, Prime 1 Studio’s Gigantic Masterline Godzilla is a full 10 inches taller than their previous Godzilla statue, the UDMGVK-01 Godzilla Final Battle. The immense size of this version allows for unbelievable crisp detailing and realistic textures. Prime 1 Studio’s artists have given life to Godzilla’s hyper-detailed scales, dorsal fins, and Kaiju anatomy.

Face close up of Prime 1 Studios Deluxe Godzilla statue.
Prime 1 Studios

Godzilla’s paint job renders realistic colors faithful to his most recent film appearance. Godzilla stands on a polystone base, covered in the debris of a destroyed cityscape that he no doubt angrily stomped on. Just look at all that collateral damage our favorite big mean atomic-powered lizard has done.

Close up detail of Godzilla's collateral damage in the Prime 1 Studios statue.
Prime 1 Studios

So, how much will this incredible statue cost you? It’s a mere $2,499. But we know that there’s a very well-off Godzilla superfan that is going to want to put down the cash for this bad boy. Now, the real question is will Prime 1 Studio release a King Kong statue of the same size? This version of the lethal lizard is from Godzilla vs. Kong after all, so it stands to reason that he’s next. They’ve already released Ultimate Diorama versions of the battling Titans, so anything is possible.

Prime 1 Studios Godzilla statue size comparison.
Prime 1 Studios

You can click here to pre-order your Prime 1 Studio’s Gigantic Masterline Godzilla. He comes in both a regular version, as well as a heat-ray version.

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