Celebrate Mother’s Day With a KFC Fried Chicken Bouquet

No matter how big or small the holiday, food brands love celebrating with a twist. Tropicana is ringing in National Orange Juice Day with its own OJ-friendly cereal. And Reynolds Wrap chooses chaos with every recipe it releases—whether it’s for Thanksgiving or Easter. Kentucky Fried Chicken, always one to participate in these trends, is actually taking a more low-key approach to its Mother’s Day celebration. The fried food haven is teaming up with Proflowers to deliver special fried chicken bouquets. Naturally, KFC is calling it the Kentucky Fried Buckquet. And it’s all just for mom. 

The Kentucky Fried Buckquet kit from KFC and Proflowers. The Kentucky Fried Buckquet kit from KFC and Proflowers. This Mother's Day fried chicken bouquet makes a great brunch.
Kentucky Fried Chicken

In comparison to other food shenanigans—from The Batman‘s ridiculous calzone to Archie McPhee’s generally nauseating candy cane flavors—this is quite normal for KFC. Normal, of course, while still fitting in the marginally weird category. The Kentucky Fried Buckquet (pronounced buck-kay, per KFC), which we first saw at Food & Wine, is available to those purchasing the KFC Side Lovers Meal between May 1 and May 3. However, said purchasing must take place through the KFC mobile app or website, as it’s not available in restaurants. 

Those purchasing this fried chicken bouquet will receive a promo code to redeem the Buckquet kit from Proflowers, which includes a dozen roses, a glass vase, a KFC vase applique, eight skewers, and a card. Most importantly, the kit doesn’t actually include chicken. That’s a separate purchase—so choose mom’s favorite chicken accordingly.  Paired with the Side Lovers Meal, KFC is down to fully cater Mother’s Day brunch. While one might wonder if moms really like KFC that much. But for those answering the affirmative, this sounds like a dream come true. 

While KFC and Proflowers are vital partners in this, the Kentucky Fried Buckquet is a DIY project after all. So the perfect fried chicken bouquet design is all about celebrating mom. And eating some tasty chicken.

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