Reynolds Wrap’s Candied Hams Turn Easter Dinner into Dessert

Aluminum foil is the duct tape of the kitchen. High praise, yes, but well-earned adulation. However, Reynolds Wrap deserves special accolades beyond just keeping food fresh. The company has a knack for turning holiday dishes into memorable meals. Every Thanksgiving Reynolds Wrap provides recipes for some of the weirdest, most absurd, most enticing turkeys you’ll ever want to gobble up. Our favorite was the year the company cooked up a collection of sweet dessert turkeys. Now the company is expanding its menu to spring with candied hams. And we do mean candied, because they’re covered in seasonal sweet treats.

Reynolds Wrap's three candied Easter hams covered in different sweets
Reynolds Wrap

Reynolds says its Candied Hams “merge beloved sweet and salty Easter eats in one striking meal,” and they aren’t kidding. They’ve transformed a traditional holiday dish into sugary entrees designed to hold the sacred center spot of your dining table. The three candied concoctions (with a link to the recipe) and their official descriptions include:

  • Jelly Bean Ham: Glazed with an assortment of reduced jelly bean flavors and decorated with three-dimensional pastel jelly beans
  • Sour Candy Ham: Draped in vibrant rainbow-colored sour candy, with a burst of extra-tart flavor courtesy of the citrus lemonade glaze
  • Marshmallow Ham: Coated in rich marshmallow fluff for a creamy texture and sweet flavor and lined with sugar-coated seasonal bunny treats
A hand places candy during the making of a Reynolds Wrap Marshmallow Easter Ham
Reynolds Wrap

Not going to lie: I would/will eat all of these. And, just to be completely honest, I’d probably ruin Easter dinner by how much of the Marshmallow Ham I’d eat. If, unlike my loved ones, you won’t find my appetite for absurd foods “unsettling” and “pretty gross, even for you Michael,” feel free to invite me over if you’re making one for Easter.

I promise to bring something for dinner. And there’s only a 50/50 chance it will be one of those Reynolds dessert turkeys I’ve been hoping to try.

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