Keanu Reeves Interviews Teddy Bears in Vintage Footage

We love Keanu Reeves. Who doesn’t? That’s why we’re always excited when vintage footage of the Canadian superstar bubbles to the surface. We had a blast when his audition tape for Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure recently made the rounds. Now, there’s a new old clip setting the internet ablaze. And it involves a young Keanu Reeves interviewing… teddy bears.

That’s right. Before he was one of our favorite working actors, Keanu worked as a TV correspondent for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation show Going Great. The kids news program sent him to a teddy bear convention back in 1984 and the footage is about as delightful as any footage could be. Even without Keanu involved, we’re enamored by the idea of a teddy bear convention. There really is a convention for everything!

The CBC shared the footage on Twitter on September 9, in honor of #NationalTeddyBearDay. The event was the first-ever Canadian International Teddy Bear Convention, and featured everything from teddy bear-inspired parades, dances, and more.

“Why are all the bear’s first names Teddy?” Keanu asks a fellow convention go-er. It’s a pretty good question, if you ask us. Really makes you think.

Keanu Reeves poses with a teddy bear in a clip from the CBC.

In the footage, Keanu hangs out with bears, talks to them and their owners, and learns everything he can about this wild convention. We’re going to go out on a limb and suggest this was one of the best days of Keanu’s life—because watching this footage is one of the best days of ours.

There’s always been something inherently delightful about Keanu Reeves. From his tender character portrayals to his all around good-guyness, we can’t help but love the guy. So it makes total sense that he’s the kind of person who once attended a teddy bear convention, even if he was on assignment. We hope he made some friends for life. He certainly created a wonderful lasting memory for us.

Featured Image: CBC

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