A JOHN WICK Conspiracy Theorist Series Now Exists

The High Table may think their secrets are undetectable to the outside world, but they are wrong. Truth Serum, a web mini-series in the John Wick universe, stars Eddie Jemison (iZombie) as Banks Jenkins, a talk-show host determined to crack the code behind The Continental and High Table.

The four-episode series is less than 15 minutes long, but it covers a lot of ground. Jenkins quickly pieces together mysterious photos and secret footage to realize the truth about everything. He’s not shy about calling out the High Table’s murderous deeds and proclaiming that its existence is detrimental to the world. After all, there’s no global organization conspiracy with some fear of humanity’s doom, right?

It’s honestly cool how the series uses snippets from the movie and background details like Jenkins’ board connecting several deaths. We also have phone calls from people who were likely background characters in the films. There’s lots of humor as he ponders why The CON-tinential (as he calls it) doesn’t rent rooms, initially ignores John Wick’s presence, and wonders what ex-communicado means.

And yes, he admits that John Wick is a well-dressed and ridiculously cool man. Truth Serum pokes fun at some of the High Table’s tech. It even sends investigative teams to find out more information, which doesn’t end well for Jenkins.

This story is a fun way to explore a different side of John Wick’s world that fans don’t get to see in the movies. It may not be enough to tide fans over until John Wick: Chapter 4’s release but perhaps there will be another installment to reveal what happens to Jenkins after that fateful message. Let’s hope he’s rich and has a gun.

Image Credit: Lionsgate

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