Josh Gad Sings a New Olaf Song About Togetherness

Josh Gad has been trying to help adults and kids alike during quarantine. He has hosted free bedtime readings of children’s books, which gave parents a break. The actor has also put together virtual reunions with the casts of The Goonies and  Back to the Future. They have helped raise money for charities fighting COVID-19. And he’s been playing his beloved snowman in the free webseries “Olaf at Home,” which promotes safe social distancing. Now he’s using his musical talents to let his littlest fans know that even though the world might be shuttered right now, Olaf and all their loved ones are still with them in spirit. That’s the message behind the gorgeous new track from Frozen‘s composers, “I Am With You.”

“I Am With You” is written by the Oscar-winning duo of Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. Performed by Josh Gad safely from his own home, it’s a tender song  that reminds kids—and grown ups—that being apart doesn’t mean we aren’t thinking of each other. And one day, hopefully soon, we’ll be reunited.

The video, directed by Dan Abraham, makes clear this is a song very much of its time. It opens with Olaf looking out on an empty Arendelle. He then goes inside to write a letter. When he starts singing classic moments from Disney films old and new alike start playing. And when Olaf finishes singing he takes his letter, folds it into a heart, and hands it to “Gale” from Frozen 2 to bring out into the world.

Josh Gad Returns as FROZEN's Olaf in Beautiful New Song_1 Walt Disney Animation Studios

This song is a tender reminder for kids that things will get better. It’s also a reminder for us too. And it’s just the latest proof for everyone that Josh Gad is a good guy who is trying to help us cope with COVID-19 anyway he can.

Olaf would be proud.

Featured Image: Walt Disney Animation Studios

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