FROZEN’s “Olaf at Home” Shorts Embrace Social Distancing

Disney garnered a lot of good will with parents in the U.S. when it announced Frozen 2 would be available to stream on Disney+ months ahead of schedule. It was one more viewing option to help keep kids entertained while the country practices social distancing. But just because everyone is currently stuck at home doesn’t mean our favorite snowman from Arendelle is done entertaining children around the world. Josh Gad is starring in a new series of of online shorts called “Olaf From Home.” And he’s helping to set a good example, because they are all being produced remotely.

“Olaf at Home” is Disney’s all-new, quarantine-inspired digital animated series. The first video, “Fun With Snow,” debuted on April 6. It’s a fun, silly little story that wouldn’t have been out of place in the movie.

Some of the shorts are just little bit-sized looks at Olaf by himself, like the second film “Alone in the Forest.”

Each mini-film runs roughly 30-seconds (give or take). They’re all created by Hyrum Osmond. He was the animating supervisor for Olaf on the original Frozen. And Gad is also contributing his voice to the series from home because of COVID-19.

We envy Olaf getting to hug a fish.

Sometimes, the short only requires Gad to laugh or say one word. But considering Olaf’s distinct giggle and voice, it’s nice parents don’t have to worry about their kids saying it’s not the “real” Olaf. That would bother us too.

Olaf has apparently been social distancing for awhile himself, because the seasons are changing in Arendelle.

“Birthday” makes us a little sad though. No one should have to celebrate the day a magic ice queen gave them consciousness alone.

Not that being alone bothers Olaf. He can keep himself entertained.

Just like social distancing, we don’t know how long the “Olaf from Home” series will continue. But hopefully our favorite snowman sticks it out as long as we have to.

Featured Image: Disney

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