Jordan Peele Dares Twitter to Conjure CANDYMAN Clip

Candyman. Candyman. Candyman. Candyman. Candyman.

Saying his name gives him power, and conjures him to fruition. So goes the myth in the 1992 horror film Candyman, about a woman studying the urban legend of a killer said to haunt the Cabrini-Green housing project in Chicago. Just utter the words “Candyman” into a mirror and prepare for his wrath. She learns that lesson the hard way. Others have, too. Now, Jordan Peele wants you to be the next victim.

Well, sort of. Peele is the co-writer and producer of the upcoming Candyman film reboot, dubbed a “spiritual sequel” to the original. Nia DeCosta will direct the feature, which returns to the same neighborhood as the original but deals with a brand new evil: gentrification. The film stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Teyonah Parris, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Rebecca Spence, and Colman Domingo, and brings back the legend Tony Todd as the titular character.

Ahead of the official trailer drop this Thursday, Peele decided to have some fun on Twitter.

Simple instructions, but terrifying at the same time. What fresh horror awaits if you invoke Candyman’s name five times in a single tweet? From the looks of things, the official Candyman Twitter account will send you a small clip from the trailer, the perfect little tease to get us all collectively hyped for Thursday.

The project is an exciting one for horror fans. With a name like Jordan Peele attached, you know it’s going to be good. The auteur has made a name for himself in the genre with just two films: Get Out and Us, both of which deal with race and the sociology of modern America. The premise for this new Candyman feels of a piece with his other films, as it will also tackle race in a major American city seeing a major uptick in gentrification.

The studio also released a new poster for Candyman, featuring the character’s iconic hook, dripping with honey and topped with a bee.

Jordan Peele Dares Twitter To Sa Universal Pictures

We’re also excited to see what director Nia DeCosta does with this new material. Her 2019 film Little Woods, starring Tessa Thompson and Lily James, was fantastic and showed a promising director in the making. We’re so excited she has this opportunity to flex her skills for a larger audience.

So what do you think? Are you brave enough to say Candyman’s name five times on Twitter? The accounts promise to “haunt your feed” which means doing so paints a big target on your username forevermore. Is that something you’re willing to live with? All we know is that all of this talk about Candyman has us itching to revisit the original. It truly is one of the scariest movies ever made.

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We’ll be back this Thursday with more to say when the full trailer drops with a breakdown and analysis. In the meantime, we’ll be checking our mirrors to make sure there isn’t a man with a hooked hand waiting for us.

Nia DeCosta’s Candyman arrives in theaters on June 12.

Featured Image: TriStar Pictures

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