Jeremy Renner Released Another Song…Cause Now He’s a Musician?

A couple of weeks ago Jeremy Renner – as in Jeremy Renner whom you know from all those famous Marvel movies – surprised everyone by releasing a song. Both the track and his singing were, at minimum, totally fine. Everything else about it was really freaking weird though. It seemingly came out of nowhere, it was a cover of a song he sang background on last year, and, oh yeah, he’s Jeremy Renner the actor. The whole thing felt like it could possibly be a viral promotion for an upcoming project, or a very public midlife crisis. We’re leaning towards the latter now, because he has released “Nomad,” an entirely original song with a lyric video. And he did it late on a Friday afternoon. In the middle of San Diego Comic-Con. All of which raises one very important question: Seriously, what the **** is happening?

Look, Jeremy Renner can clearly sing, and this song certainly isn’t some celebrity vanity project gone horribly wrong like we’ve seen in the past. He clearly has some talent, more than enough not to embarrass himself, and he seems serious about this. We’re not going to say there are rules for who can and cannot have a music career. If this is what he wants to do and it makes him happy, well good for him.

But he’s 48-years-old and a very famous actor launching a music career without any explanation, so yeah, it’s kinda bizarre. And it keeps getting weirder. Recently Jeep released a bunch of new commercials featuring original music from him. And you know what? Those song are totally okay too, with one obvious caveat: THIS IS JEREMY RENNER THE ACTOR WHO HAS SUDDENLY DECIDED HE’S A SINGER.

This would make way more sense if this was actually Clint Barton doing this because he doesn’t know how to deal with Natasha’s death. In fairness, compared to how Hawkeye reacted to his family disappearing in Endgame, him dropping a new single dab smack in the middle of Comic-Con is a lot less deadly.

But a whole lot weirder.

Featured Image: Jeremy Renner

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