Turn Your Typos Into a Glorious Composition With JazzKeys

Are you ready to give jazz hands a whole new meaning? Now you can create art whenever you type with the JazzKeys word processor. This musical word processor by Plan8, which we first saw on Boing Boingwill transform the way you think about your words. All your typing can be musical typing from here on out.

How does it work? Well, it’s straightforward. Each key on your keyboard has been assigned a different piano note. Then, when you type, the software behind the site brings these sounds together into an improvisational jazzy melody. And just like that… Your very own music. As you type, you compose and thus end up with an original melody. And it’s definitely your own unique sound because who else will be typing exactly what’s in your head?

JazzKeys musical typing interface - a black screen with white letters


The website shares, “We always wanted to sculpt our messages using music. Now you can too. Created with love by Plan8. Graphic design by John Soat, maker of  Non.” It’s truly a beautiful way of thinking about music and words.

If you’re not ready to commit to typing yet, here’s a taste of what you can expect.

This video by Full Color Sound Records brings JazzKeys to life. Of course, the YouTuber adds some extra flourishes, but you can hear the notes of the words at the forefront. It’s really as easy as that.

In fact, in a meta twist, you can hear what some of this article sounds like. This is Nerdist‘s original composition about a musical word processor by a musical processor. It’s Inception’s little-known sequel. Just think about what else you can bring to life. Love letters? Grocery lists? Your next homework assignment or work presentation? It will definitely make them sound good if nothing else. We also wonder what some of our favorite poems and novels would sound like if run through this.

The musical sky is the limit with musical typing.

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